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Butch Vallotton is considered one of the finest automatic knifemakers specializing in double action autos and for converting manual folders into automatic. He started making knives full time in 1984, making his first auto in 1987. His assisted knife technology is in current use by Gerber, and he has worked with Spyderco and Microtech designing the very collectible Chameleon Double Action. 

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We are a three generation Family of Knifemakers. Automatics are our specialty. The use of Ecotic material is stanard practice.

A very unique neck knife by Butch Vallotton. Push the button as you slide the knife into the sheath and the blade retracts, allowing the knife to fit snugly and securely into the sheath. Simply pull the knife and the sheath apart and the blade will deploy as it exits the sheath. Titanium fittings on the sheath protect your hand from the blade. A cool and functional neck knife. Only four of these neck knives have been made.